In 1988, when the company Biro OGIS was founded, our first business offices were in a small space with a storage facility at a different location. Today, the company Biro OGIS d.o.o. is a leading Slovene and Eastern European company for tents with all its facilities at one location.

Taking care of our partners

All successful businesses are led by responsible people and our customers and business partners are also responsible. We always make sure that the products and services are of the highest quality, strive to maintain good business relations, ethics and respect the agreed deadlines. The care is reflected in increased trust of our partners, an expanding customer base and finally the good name of our company, which is one of the best references for our success and continuous growth, and development of new products and services.

In the past we successfully followed our path, focused energy in good business relations, maintaining the quality of products and services, and taking care of our business partners, which is now evident in reliable growth of our company and expansion of our customer base across Europe.


Andrej Kuzma, CEO