Protective roofings for vehicles

To keep your vehicle in good condition and therefore preserve its value, it is essential to avoid constant exposure to weather inconveniences such as rain, snow, hail…

From the OGISQCS® spatial cover solutions programme, we provide quick prefabricated structures of our own design. A sturdy structure of aluminium, hot-dip galvanised steel connecting elements, high-quality PVC cover, trapezoidal sheet metal or insulating panels is an excellent solution for both short-term and long-term protection of your vehicles in any weather or season.

Application examples

Hema nadstreška

The advantages of OGISQCS® prefabricated structures are a simple way to get approvals and permits – all you need is a hardened terrain (earth, sand, paving, asphalt or concrete) – and above all the HIGH SNOW-BEARING CAPACITY (from 75 to 125 kg/m2), which means that you don’t have to remove snow from the roof in winter.

Attaching the structure

Attaching the structure to a hardened base with steel wedges

Affixing the structure

Affixing the structure to a concrete base with screws

Quality PVC tarpaulin

Cover made of quality PVC tarpaulin

UV-resistant PVC

UV-resistant PVC tarpaulin cover

Snow bearing capacity

Snow bearing capacity of the structure

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Technical characteristics

  • Sturdy aluminium structure
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel beams and connecting elements
  • High-quality 650 g/m PVC cover, fireproof
  • Galvanised trapezoidal sheet metal (RAL chart colours)
  • Wind resistance up to 124 km/h
  • All materials manufactured in accordance with DIN and TUV standards


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long service life
  • Easy maintenance
  • High spatial efficiency
  • Mobile structure
  • Excellent adaptability
  • Aluminium structure does not lose on value over time; if unused, it can be quickly and easily sold at a good price

Service and maintenance

Since this is our own Slovenian product, the repair service is readily available, with most of the components in stock and the rest supplied quickly.

Industrijski nadstrešek nad vozili
Industrijski nadstrešek

Structure snow-bearing capacity. NO NEED TO CLEAR SNOW !

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