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Our basic guideline in the manufacture of fair and event tents is quality with a high level of safety. We produce a wide range of such tents, from small fair tents, pagodas and pavilions, all the way to large event tents. All component materials are of the highest quality, and the tents are made according to demanding European standards. With flexibility and appealing designs, our tents will, without a doubt, leave an impression at your events.

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Quick Questions and Answers

1. How long does it take to set up an event tent?

The time for setting up an event tent depends on several factors, such as the type of terrain, the number and experience of the installers and the size of the tent. Based on previous experiences and under normal conditions the estimated time required is:
< 200 m2 = approx . 3 hours
< 300 m2 = approx . 4 hours
< 600 m2 = approx . 6 hours

2. Do we need a jack or forklift for installation?

For the construction you don’t need a jack or forklift, if there are at the assembly of a smaller construction (width 5-10m) at least three installers present and at last four installers for larger structures (width 12.5 to 15m). Each design is equipped with additional lateral diagonals which are also reinforcing functions that help in assembling the structures.

3. What is the expected lifetime of an event tent?

Operational life span of the event tent can be very long because of the structure of aluminium, the hot dip galvanized iron connecting elements and durable UV resistant PVC cover. Of course, its service life depends on the number of times of assembly and disassembly, handling the individual components of metal with care, proper storage and maintenance etc. We recommend that in storing you put little wooden planks or pieces of carpet between the aluminium profiles, iron objects must be carefully put on the floor without throwing, use wood as a basis for installation, PVC tarpaulins are regularly cleaned gently, in particular they should be dry when stored over a longer period of time.

4. Can different sizes of event tents OGISQCS be combined with each other?

Yes. All structures of event and exhibition tents are of the same height and construction design, which allows any combination of tent systems, with certain restrictions of course.

5. What is the best way of transportation of event tents?

The entire construction, together with PVC cover, can be easily transported by mini-van, pick-up vehicles, and medium and large commercial transport vehicles. The required size depends however on the size of the structure. Usually a pagoda or pavilion can easily be transported with a mini-van.

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