Large Carports

Industrijska hala predelana v avtopark

Do you sell vehicles? Less cost means more profit!

We identified the opportunities for savings and how to increase profits from car sales. Our customers who own car centres already have their cars covered with a carport, as the annual savings are limitless!

Industriojski šotor ali avtopark hala
Predelava industrijskega šotora v avtopark

Where can you save the most?

1. Savings on car washes and less dust

First impressions are very important when it comes to purchasing decisions. When cars are shiny and completely clean, first impressions are good and customers feel positive about the purchase. Otherwise, you can arouse negative emotions in the customer and it will be harder for you to sell the car.

For owners and employees of car centres, a carport means much less vehicle cleaning. According to one of the owners, who already has a carport, they had to wash all the cars at least once a month before installing the carport. This is a big expense and a considerable waste of time. It also happened many times that the cars were just washed and immediately after that “dirty” rain fell and they had to wash the cars again.

2. Snow is not an obstacle – SNOW DOES NOT NEED TO BE SHOVELLED ANYMORE!

Employees in car centres no longer need to shovel parking lots and clear snow off cars. The vehicles are dry and the paths for customers to view the vehicles are free from snow. In the event of a large amount of snowfall, it automatically slides off the roof.

3. No hail and sleepless nights

In the event of a predicted storm, car centre owners can now sleep peacefully. Hail does not damage the PVC roof tarpaulin and the cars are safe. This ensures greater vehicle safety and lowers insurance and maintenance costs.

4. Heat

In the summer months, there is no heat in the cars and it is thus more pleasant for customers when they sit in the vehicle and look at it. A carport makes buying cars more enjoyable.

“In 30 years of operation, we have never had a case of hail damaging our PVC roof”

Andrej Kuzma, Managing Director of Biro Ogis d.o.o.

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