Pvc tarpaulins and Large format printing

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A catering gazebo is an excellent solution to promote products, brands, companies, wine, beer and juices. However, it is also suitable for serving drinks and snacks at various events, such as shows, parties, fairs and similar.

Ergonomically crafted metal structure can be quickly assembled. It is easy to transport and sufficiently robust so that you can transport it swiftly. The shape of the catering gazebo allows you to set it at any location with level ground. You can set it on grass surfaces, hardened soil, sand, asphalt or any other reinforced surface.

The manufacturing programme includes:

  1. tarpaulins for small tents and pagodas
  2. tarpaulins for fair and event tents
  3. tarpaulins for industrial/storage tents
  4. cover tarpaulins for special structures
  5. tarpaulins for the roofs of pavilions, canopies and other covering structures
  6. truck tarpaulins
  7. other miscellaneous products
  8. banner and printing materials
Colours / barve ral lestvica

PVC tarpaulin colours are available in the entire RAL scale. In addition to tailoring, welding and cutting, we also perform finishing touches:

  1. Edging for guides (i.e. cedar)
  2. grometting
  3. edge reinforcement
  4. large format printing on PVC tarpaulins (photos, text, graphics)


  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Vehicle foil installation
  • Posters
  • Photo wallpaper
  • Labels and stickers – print & cut
  • Label and sticker cutting
  • Fair applications
  • Signs
  • Roll up stands
  • Advertising info panels
  • Floor graphics

Finishing and confectioning

  • Welding of PVC tarpaulins,
  • Grommeting,
  • Hemming banners,
  • Load carrying pouches
  • Lamination,
  • Plastification

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