Additional services

Disassembly and assembly

We perform assembly, disassembly and reassembly of prefabricated structures.
Our professionally trained and experienced assemblers carry out the work quickly, accurately, with high quality and within the agreed deadlines.

We perform assembly/disassembly of our own structures and quick-assembly structures from other manufacturers. In many cases, it is a matter of reassembly or relocation of structures from one location to another. To carry out reassembly, we also offer turnkey project implementation, which includes professional disassembly of the building, transport to another location and assembly at the new location.

We will find perfect solution for your needs.

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Service and maintenance

Industrial Warehouse Tents and Pre-fabricated Halls

Every season brings about certain inconvenience, such as snow and cold in the winter and storms with strong winds in the summer. Over the recent years, there have been occasional storms and heavy rains above average, regarding wind speed and strong wind pushes, also in the spring and in the autumn. Anyway, snow falls in winter time and storms with strong winds in the summer produce certain pressure on the structures. Despite the fact that the structures are robust, it is advised to check them on a preventive basis at least 2 times a year. That is before winter and summer.
The preventive control covers a detailed examination of merge elements, attachment and connecting points, of the canvas and of the general condition of the facility. Following the preventive examination, a report is issued on the current situation and eventual service and repairs related to the facility.


Event Tents

The particularity of the event and trade show tents is repetitive installation and dismanteling. The nature of the work itself and frequent use may result in abrasion of materials, from aluminium and iron components to PVC canvas, rubber bands and other attachment elements. Some damage, especially to PVC canvas and alu profiles, can unfortunatelly be caused during the process of installing and dismateling.

Biro OGIS Service and Maintenance

At the customers’ request, our company carries out preventive service checks of industrial and event tents as well as pre-fabricated halls. Smaller irregularities, such as slightly loose steel ropes or slackening threaded joints, are eliminated on a regular basis. All bigger recommanded or urgent repairs, including removal of irregularities and repair services, constitute an establishment of a report or a list. The client is then free to decide which element figuring on the list will be taken care of.

We stock the majority of spare parts, the delivery period for specific iron joint elements being very short. A locksmith workshop and a PVC canvas workshop of our own make it possible for us to carry out thorough and quick repair interventions, enabling excellent support and services for our costumers and business partners.

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