4 reasons why a storage tent is a great solution?

Prilagodnjiv skladiščni šotor

1. Very quick assembly and implementation of the project

A fast solution for your storage space.

We will assemble and install a storage tent for you within 4–5 weeks of order confirmation.

*Fun fact: In the figure below is a large project of 1600 m2, which we assembled and completed in only 4 working days.

2. Mobility – Easy relocation of the tent

Many times the needs of our customers and business premises change and there are reorganisations of space or an increase in the volume of operations.

The storage tent can be easily and quickly relocated.

3. Long service life

The lifespan of a storage tent or storage hall is between 15 and 20 years, as we use very durable and high-quality materials.

The storage tent requires minimal maintenance.

4. Possibility of extending the tent

If necessary, it is very easy to extend the storage tent or place another storage tent next to an existing one, with a possible transition from tent to tent.

The tent can be extended modularly or according to the customer’s wishes.

Skladiščni šotor je prilagodnjiva in odlična rešitev za marsikatero težavo
Prilagodnjiv skladiščni šotor

We will find perfect solution for your needs.

Check our wide range of products and we will provide a quality storage solution for your needs.
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